How to Sell your Boat

Appearance of your Boat

Hunter Yacht Interior

A clean and staged interior can help sell your yacht faster.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. So presentation is “key” when selling your boat. Keep her clean and shiny. How does she look as one first approaches her? That very first impression can impact the buyer’s state of mind as they tour the rest of your fine vessel.

It is important that your vessel be clean inside and out. We recommend that all gear which will not be sold with the boat be removed before the boat is shown. This mainly includes personal items such as clothes and food which makes a boat appear more used and lived in. It’s the small and seemingly obscure areas that really make a difference to a buyer. Pay special attention to the lockers as clutter will not show off the storage space available.

Have your engine room squeaky clean! The galley, the head and the bilge should all be spotless. This will show to a potential buyer that you have meticulously taken care of the vessel. Take care of that deferred maintenance. Keep in mind that the buyer will have your vessel surveyed and a good surveyor will note neglected maintenance. Rather than letting that create potential buyer concerns as well as become a negotiation issue, just take care of these things today.

She should be in Boat Show condition inside and out. If you don’t have the time, we will be happy to put you in touch with the professionals who specialize in detailing your boat. A few hundred bucks spent on detailing will bring in offers thousands of dollars higher.

The Listing Price of Your Boat

Everyone wants to get the best price possible in the sale of their boat. Here’s how.

At Ensign International Yacht Brokerage, we evaluate the current market which will be your competition. We compare price, condition, equipment, options, recent sold prices, and find out how long these comps have been on the market. You will get the most for your boat when she is priced right in the beginning so it doesn’t take one year to sell your boat. Let’s face it, your boat is a depreciating asset, and you may lose more in one year of depreciation and monthly expenses, than to reduce the price by $10,000 to get her sold now.

Have Records and Manuals Available

Buyers want to know what type of service has been done, and how recently. Boats with these records easily available prove what kind of care your boat has received. Potential buyers also would need to learn how to work certain electronics and systems. Providing owner’s manuals ensures the buyer and gives comfort moving forward that they will be able to learn and handle their new boat..

Choosing the Right Broker

Selecting the right broker is one of the most important factors in getting your vessel sold! Enthusiastic, motivated, and self driven brokers will work hard to get your vessel sold. Reputation in the area and building trust with clients are some of the most important characteristics when choosing whose right for you and your boat. Extensive Internet marketing will put your boat in front of the fingertips of thousands. Experience and product knowledge are also important qualities because it allows the broker to provide correct answers to a potential buyer. For us it’s not just all about the paycheck. Our passion comes from the enjoyment, self-accomplishment, and satisfaction of getting your vessel sold

We communicate and build relationships with other brokers. We make sure they are aware and informed of the value of your boat. Building relationships with other brokers allows for their clients to be informed of your boat too. Everybody wins when we all work together!